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Thread: Milk has dried up in one breast!

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    Exclamation Milk has dried up in one breast!

    I have a 10 3/4 month little boy, and I plan on nursing for one year. He is 27.5 lbs, and 33" tall- a big boy!! And he has never had anything but breastmilk and water (liquids), and won't take anything but water from a cup (never liked bottles!).

    Anyway, I just finished my first period (which was awful!!), and now it seems that the milk in my left breast is completely gone. This has been going on for about 3 days now, and even though I continue to have him nurse on that side, I am practically dry. My right side gets practically engorged now, as it's doing most of the work- He nurses about 4 times a day, though only 2 "big" nursings (early morning and last feeding before bed).

    Help! What is going on?? Should I just keep nursing on the right, as it's not too much longer before I'm weaning him? I am SO LOPSIDED!
    Mom to Charlie~ who just took his first steps at 10 3/4 months!
    9lbs 9oz and 22" at birth
    1wk: 9lbs 9.8oz
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    Default Re: Milk has dried up in one breast!

    can you express any from it with your hand?

    If he's nursing on that side, I doubt you're dried up.

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