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Thread: teething biscuits?

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    Default teething biscuits?

    did you use teething biscuits? if so, at what age did you introduce them?

    There are rusks (which on the box says 6 months and up) and biscuits (which states 9 months) so I assume that the rusks are much harder and less likely to break. I remember having a long finger shaped teething biscuit for ds1 and now after reading about it, I assume he had rusks I remember them being too hard for me to break.

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    Default Re: teething biscuits?

    Couldn't find any that weren't that didn't have sugar in them and was not giving my teething baby any that didn't show up naturally in my breast milk or fresh fruit.
    Besides when my mom used to give them to my little brother it used to gross me out that the drooly baby cookie slime would get everywhere.

    Two things that work well for teething and are more natural and less gross to clean up: Frozen watermelon and Momsicles. That's where you freeze your breastmilk in the icecube tray and then feed in one of those mesh feeders. HTH!!!

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    Default Re: teething biscuits?

    We tried giving them to dd last month, when she was 6 months, but she had absolutely no interest. Now that she's 7 months, she enjoys them. I think her interest in things other than b. milk has gone hand-in-hand with her first tooth (surfaced today!) and the ability to sit up fully unsupported (happened last week). She just gnaws on one for a few minutes and then drops it. We use the Healthy Times brand that we get from Whole Foods. It's very 'sturdy'. Even after she sogs it up, I still have to put some effort into breaking up the remains to give to the dog!

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