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Thread: First reactions to solids

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    Talking First reactions to solids

    Not a question really... just want to share!

    We started my LO on solids the past few days. Couple of (baby-size) spoonfuls of banana. It has been hilarious so far! She's been ready in my opinion, for the past few weeks, but we were on vacation with an ocean between us and our pediatrcian so I waited til we got home to start. She's sooo interested. Grabs the spoon and helps me bring it to her mouth. But the faces she makes! She runs her tongue around the spoon... making faces as though I'm feeding her lemon... eyebrows and face scrunched... some bites she swallows really well others she kind of leave the banana on her tongue and just lets her tongue hang out... It's so funny to watch her grab for it and react as though it tastes awful at the same time.

    Probably not a big deal to those of you with older babies or more than one child... but this is my first experience with this. Very entertaining!

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    yeah I don't care how many children I have new experiences never get old.... how darn cute!!
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    Take lots of pictures!!!! i love all of the faces dd makes when we try something new!!!

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    I remember when we gave my son peas the first time... he made such a horrible face. We have it on video some place, my ILs thought it was the funniest thing. The video cuts off right before he throws it up. FWIW he likes peas now though. We put a bunch on his high chair tray and he eats a ton of them.

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