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Thread: nestle good start glass bottles ?

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    Default nestle good start glass bottles ?

    Can I use the 3 oz glass bottles from nestle good start to store bm in the freezer ? I cant see why it can be a problem if I dont heat if and only put warm (not hot) milk in them ....

    and then I bag it with a ziploc.

    Good idea ?

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    Default Re: nestle good start glass bottles ?

    Sure, you can safely store breastmilk in glass. I might be wrong but I think you need to leave a little room at the top for the milk to expand when it freezes.
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    Default Re: nestle good start glass bottles ?

    with glass, it's also especially important to make sure you thaw the milk in the refrigerator before warming so that the glass doesn't break/crack (usually takes about 12 hours to thaw in the fridge I think).

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