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Thread: pumping and introducing a bottle

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    Question pumping and introducing a bottle

    it has been 7 weeks and my boy and i have seemed to master the art of bf pretty well. he feeds like a champ and is gaining weight steadily.

    it is not that i am giving up or want to discontinue bf, i am actually a little nervous about introducing a bottle, it's that i would like to have some mommy time or maybe a full night's sleep sometime in the future.

    i have read a few books and articles on how to pump, store, and introduce a bottle, but i was wondering if anyone would like to share there own personal experiences with me.

    also, one more question: if i start pumping milk, does the supply increase to meet the demands of pumping and regular nursing? and if so, what if i decide to stop, will engorgement follow?


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    Default Re: pumping and introducing a bottle

    I'm moving this thread to pumping. I'm sure someone there would be able to give you their story!

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