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Thread: Doing this wrong?

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    Ok, so after 4 and half months of me having to write down every time he fed(just for my own peace of mind) and how long and finally being comfortable with my own ability to bf him...i feel like im right back at the start with the whole food issue now.

    I never really fed on demand i suppose, i was told when he was born to not let him go past 3 hrs when feeding, and then i just got this 3 hr mark stuck in my head, so if it got to 3 hrs, and he hadnt become fussy or something i would feed him and more often than not he would feed well, so it was like he never really had to "ask!" to be fed. Ofc i also nursed him to sleep, which is something im trying to get out of now, in preperation fo rme going back to work in a few months, so with me not doing that now either....im feeling like he is harldy getting anything.

    We started food at a week short of 6 months, stopped for a week, as he developed a bad uti a cpl weeks later and barely kept breatsmilk down, then restarted these last few weeks.

    I had been breastfeeding him normally, like every 3 hrs or less of he was fussing, and then giving him food 1 hr after i breastfed him,3 times a day, he has a mix of mashed food and finger food which im happy with, but these last few days, i have started feeding him food first and then breastfeeding after....also i have tried to stop breastfeeding him at 3 hrs if he has not "asked" but then if it gets to 4 hrs i give in and feed him, and he is all mouth wide open, latching on, and then nursing well, like he was hungry, even tho he hadnt fussed and had been playing happily. So it is like he doesnt even ask for a feed even tho he is hungry!?

    before solids he was breastfeeding 9-10 times a day, now he is breastfeeding maybe 5-6, but some are very short (altho he always been a quick feeder, averaging 8-12 mins) and it is only cos i offer that much and he having 3 meaks of solids a day, he eats maybe 3 cubes worth a time with sips of water...he loves his food, he seems to really enjoy it but i still get the feeling we are doing something wrong..and he is not getting enough..i cant get past this 3 hr mark..even tho he is 7 and a half months old, but if it goes over 3 hours and getting close to 4 i find myself getting worried, even if he is napping or playing happily...i dont know why i cant just relax and be confident in this, but im always worrying he is hungry!!!
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    First, you need to relax a bit and not worry so much.

    2nd. A breastfed baby will NOT nurse if they're not hungry. So if baby didn't WANT to nurse, he wouldn't nurse when you offered the breast to him. As a mom, it's your job to feed him, and that includes reminding him to eat and offering him the breast. If he doesn't want to eat, he won't, and if he only wants a little, that's all he'll eat.

    Lastly, current recommendations are to breastfeed baby first before solids until they're at least 12 mos. old. They need the majority of their nutrition to be from breastmilk until they are over 12mos. These are newer recommendations, because back in the day, doctors told moms to feed solids first, especially with formula fed babies, but times have changed. Nowadays, doctors have seen that babies do better with breastmilk being the majority of their nutrition for at least 12 mos. So in your case, I'd go back to nursing before solids, and offering the breast if its been more than 3 hours or so during the day. If he doesn't want or need to nurse, then he won't, or he'll nurse very little if he just needs a bit of a snack.

    Bottom line though: Don't worry about it! Offer the breast, but don't stress if he doesn't want it right then.

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    Default Re: Doing this wrong?

    you sound like me.....i try and remember that DD will not starve. I'm always trying to give her the bottle (I EP) b/c I always feel like it has been too long since she last drank BM.

    Try and relax...
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