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Thread: breastfeeding on one side only

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    Default breastfeeding on one side only

    Ever since I attended my first LLL meeting, we taught ourselves to breastfeed lying down. My little boy is 4 months on Aug 14.

    Question about this: he almost always falls asleep and stays and stays on the breast. Near the end it's just little nibbles and hardly any swallowing so I know he's fast asleep. So I almost NEVER burp him and almost NEVER switch to the other side.

    Input from you guys whether this is okay to continue? I'm lopsided all the time which is just fine with me as long as he's getting everything he needs from one breast.


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    Default Re: breastfeeding on one side only

    You're "block feeding". It is how I nursed my DD. I found it to be the easiest way to nurse. And yes, your lo is getting all the nutrients he needs. In fact, I think that it's the best way to ensure that that your lo gets all that nutritious hindmilk. As long as he seems content and full, I think it's fine.

    I know what you mean about the lop-sided feeling, though.

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    Default Re: breastfeeding on one side only

    Yep, it's absolutely fine and completely normal. I remember it was quite a while before my daughter would take both breasts at a feed, except during growth spurts. As long as you aren't getting painfully engorged, there's no problem.
    I had an over-supply in one breast for a while so I pumped it and froze it when she hadn't fed on that side, which came in handy when I had to have my wisdom teeth out under G.A. when she was the same age as your son. Sometimes I just woke her after an hour to take the other side if it was just too painful. If it's working, go for it. He'll take both sides when he's ready.

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