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Thread: 16 months and increase in frequency?

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    Default 16 months and increase in frequency?

    My daughter has recently been getting very aggressive with me when she wanted to nurse. She would lift up my shirt, rub her face in my chest etc... so I taught her the sign for milk. She caught on fast and since then she has been asking for it literally every 5 to 10 minutes. It was cute at first because I thought that she was just excited, but weeks later I am getting tired. To add to the confusion we have recently moved, she is in the process of getting all four of her molars, and she will be starting a new daycare next week . Yes, I know that is alot. That being said, I really wanted to start a slow process of weaning after this adjustment period, but she is now nursing so much I don't know what to do! Before all this she would nurse in the morning, nap and bedtime, and maybe another time through out the day. Has anyone else experienced this? What did you do?

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    Default Re: 16 months and increase in frequency?

    Not there exactly (well, not everyday, ) but wanted to tell you that in Mothering your nursing Toddler (LLL publications) it's stated that in the first half of the second year babies (or ex-babies, ) nurse as much (if not more!) than in the first six months... so no, definitely you're not alone, it's a normal developing of the nursing relationship...

    And with all the changes you've mentioned... but you already know that, it shows from your post!

    As per the signing, IMHO I think she IS still very excited of the quick response she gets with her signing and by the fact that she can communicate her needs or desires... Is she saying any word yet? Can't you teach her another couple of sign that would let her 'gain' something, like 'winning' a reading session with you (sing for book) or a walk outside (shoe sign) or a harmless treat? (just 'brainstorming'). Maybe this way she'd practise her other new signs... (and then drive you crazy with wanting to read all the time, I know )
    Though she is in an age where you can start to set some limits, so maybe you could say things like "I understand you want to nurse, but mummy has to finish/do this, let mummy do and then we nurse" or similar... they DO understand (even if not always comply, )

    My LO is 16 mo too, and as I said he's not ALWAYS wanting to nurse, but he is in CONSTANT need of being with me, holding my hand, being in touch (much much more than in the past) and this too is weary at times...

    So, big to you and good luck, hope it gets better soon!
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    Default Re: 16 months and increase in frequency?

    This happened with us and I've heard about it from many others. My son was slow to catch on with solids and nursed quite frequently until well after one year. Between 15-18 months he slowed down to only nursing to sleep for his nap and bedtime, when waking up, and once during the night. Then at 18 months he bumped it up and we were back to 8-10 times a day, including twice at night! I was thinking, hey - we are going in the wrong direction!!

    I was telling some other moms about this at an LLL toddler meeting and one said, "Welcome to toddler nursing!" It was good to be reminded that there are lots of reasons why toddlers nurse - not just for food. Many toddlers have the pattern of lots of short sessions - sort of like "check ins" with mom that give them the comfort and security to carry on with their busy activities. It's wonderful if you can indulge her with these as best you can - it's such a tough transition time as they are working to establish themselves as little individuals with a separate identity from you. Add in the other things you've mentioned such as teething and changes at home and daycare, then her needs to connect with you for reassurance become even more intense.

    But rest assured, "this too shall pass" - most toddlers are back down to their previous nursing pattern within a few months (for us it was around 21-22 months I think). If you can manage it, you may want to consider holding off on further plans to wean until you see that happen.

    Best wishes!

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    Default Re: 16 months and increase in frequency?

    Thanks for the responses! I do feel much better. She has responded to me setting limits, such as "we will nurse after your bath." I guess I was not expecting this... well to the point that it is at least. I will try to hang in there through this transition, but am wanting to slowly wean in the near future... DH and I would like to try for another baby in 9 months or so and I don't want to be nursing and pregnant at the same time.

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