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Thread: Poop Question (sorry!)

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    Question Poop Question (sorry!)

    Not sure which section I should be posting this in but anyways... I have a poop question! My DD is coming up on six weeks and has had a few green poops lately. I would say she's going about half yellow ones and half green ones in terms of frequency. Today she had a green poop with some red (blood) streaks through it and I am a bit freaked out! My midwife says there's likely nothing seriously wrong as she's still nursing well, making loads of wet diapers and still gaining weight but I might want her to get checked out just in case. Has anyone else had this happen? I haven't been eating anything different, she's emptying my breast well (so she should be getting enough fore and hindmilk), her colour and behaviour are normal, no fever- what do you think? I'd really appreciate some advice/suggestions/etc if you can help me out! Thanks so much.

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    my baby had a similar problem at about 3 months, and we brought a poop sample into the doctor to get checked out, just in case. Everything was fine, and I suspect it's an overactive letdown issue. Block feeding has helped a lot.

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    You might want to get that checked out. I think.... I think that it might have something to do with what you are eating too.... Your LO might have an allergy to what you are eating

    try this web site

    I hope you can find out what that is.... fingers crossed that it's nothing!!
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