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Thread: fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

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    Default fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

    To make a long story really really short - my DS is 9 months and has always been a really fussy baby. He is still, in general, very fussy and unpredictable. He is growing really well and meeting all milestones and he does have long stretches during the day (most days) when he is very happy, playing, and seems normal. Yet in general, we are still at our wits end waiting for it (fussiness) to "get better" which is what everyone keeps telling us. We feel like when he is in his fussy mode, we have no idea what he wants or how to make him happy. He is fussy a good portion of the day on most days.

    The pedi suggested it could possibly be due to reflux. I thought of this too but felt it was unlikely because I've read a lot about it and he really does not have any of the common or classic symptoms. He doesn't have any trouble eating solids and he does really well on his back and tummy and doesn't wake up crying at night. He has rarely ever spit up even when he was younger. He definitely meets some of the criteria for being a "high needs" type baby so maybe this is just his personality. The fussing seems totally unrelated to when he eats solids or nurses. He has always been breastfed and never had formula. He has never had any real symptoms of being intolerant to anything in my milk.

    Has anyone else had a really really fussy older baby and then treated for reflux and had things improve?
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    Default Re: fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

    given the info you've shared, I wouldn't think it was reflux either... is there any pattern to it??? how do you describe the 'fussiness'?
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    Default Re: fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

    My DD is the same way. I have read quite a bit of literature on the topic ...most from Dr sears. My DD does not spit up at all, has never had formula either but has also had issues with temperament. As an infant she DEF was colicky..cried alot. Now she has long periods of being happy smiley and playing but still has extended periods of fussiness. She cries during transfers...when getting in car..when I initially put her down..at night when she gets tired she can be impossible..She is a horrible sleeper and will awaken on any attempt to move her. She sleeps latched on and awakens every 1-2 hours most nights. Some nights she will only wake at 3...eat and go back to bed. According to Dr Sears and her ped she is just a high needs baby ??
    Just wanted you to know that you are not alone. My first baby I remember always knowing what it was he wanted when he cried...with my princess I just try everything until something works lol...Usually on the boob angled so she can watch Sprout ..works...
    She is meeting all her milestones early and is gaining well.
    Oh and from what my parents say I was the same way...my mom says I was worse lol.

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    Default Re: fussy at 9 months - ?reflux

    Thanks for sharing your story, luvinmykids. A lot of what you describe sounds familiar. The only way I can really put it into words is in very general terms. He is just a really, really, really fussy baby. Extremely unpredictable and always has been. I constantly feel like I have NO CLUE what he wants or how to help him. He hates my boob most of the time. We cannot go anywhere other than short outings close to home for fear he will go info fussy mode while we are out and then will be guaranteed to scream the whole way back in the car. I feel like a total failure as a mother. I literally do not know what to do to help my own child so much of the time. At this point I wouldn't care if he wanted to be held 24/7 or was nursing every hour - at least I would be able to help him. He doesn't want to be held, nursed, rocked played with, or anything else when he's fussy. And yet, interspersed with this are many happy times where he does play and have fun and all that - but then completely unpredictable fussiness that we cannot do anything about.

    Needless to say we are completely at our wit's end. He really has not changed much since he was 4 months old, other than of course having more skills and being bigger. I'm aware that this really doesn't sound normal, but he is meeting all milestones and growing well. A lot of the time it seems like he is really bored, even though we go to great lengths to try to entertain him. People comment on how bright and smart he seems. I am a SAHM and it is so horrible to feel like you don't know how to manage your own baby or make them happy. It makes no sense. I look at all my friends who are happy with their babies and taking them out and about everywhere and having fun and I just want to cry.
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