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Thread: tongue tie release surgery

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    Default tongue tie release surgery

    My 4 month old son has seen a pediatric surgeon for a tongue tie release consult. The surgeon will not do the procedure w/o general anesthesia. We are taking our son for a second opinion w/a local M.D/DO who we've been told does the procedure in office. Anyone put their older infants through this procedure without anesthetic? I'm afraid this will be really traumatic for him but I don't want the risks of anesthesia either. Any replies from those that have been through this would be helpful! We are considering this becaue our son takes sooooo long to nurse. Sometimes over an hour. Is this reasonable or too long for him to be nursing? I used to have a lot of discomfort also but not as much pain now. I'm also concerned about speech development later. TIA for all replies!

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    man thats a tough one....
    I think your wise to talk to a diffent doctor...
    Call your local leader she might be able to get you more info.

    at 4 months I think the baby will not even know that anything was going to happen untill after it was done.

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    We did Gabe's tongue tie relaese just before 3 months of age, in an office, no anesthesia. It was quick, he screamed, I nursed him (with the best latch eh had ever had), one side and the bleeding and crying was done and he was all smiles (and trying to stick out his tongue, which was a first!)

    IMO, there would be no need to use anesthesia, the mouth heals quickly and being you are a nursing mom, you can provide a natural pain killer for your child. I would consider giving tylenol 20 minutes prior to the procedure to help dull the pain a little. Also, you want the baby's mouth to be as open as possible. You need them screaming in order to give the dr. the best opportunity to get a good clip. It's over in a split second, and again, the nursing relationship changed for the better the moment it was over! , if you want more info, please don't hesitate to reach out!

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    We saw one dr who would only clip under general anesthetic, but the ENT we utimately went with used local anesthetic in the office for a simple clip. (A clip with stitches is a different story.) He was 9 weeks at the time. He was upset about having his head held still and the fact he was hungry. I was planning to nurse him afterward, but he couldn't nurse b/c his tongue was numb. He fell asleep crying on the way home and after his nap was completely fine.
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