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Thread: Is she partially weaning?

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    Question Is she partially weaning?

    okay, i've been aimlessly reading several posts which have similar dilemmas like me. i even spoke to my LC about this and posted a few days ago on here (see LO refusing 2nd bottle)

    anyways, i just want some peace of mind . in the past week, my LO has been refusing her 2nd bottle @ her daycare. a bit of background: she's 9 months and eating 2 solid meals/day and BF while at home. she's never been a huge eater and i only manage to pump 2- 3oz. bottles during my day @ work.

    so far, the recommendations have been to continue doing the pumping 2x/day, to add a 3rd meal (meaning add a lunch solid), and to pump wean since she's pretty much stuck on refusing the bottles and create a stash for emergency usage.

    today, i checked in on LO and they said she threw up her 1st bottle but took her morning solid meal. does this mean she's done w/ the daytime bottles, is she on a bottle strike if there is such a thing, or is she just happier w/ getting the milk from the cow (ala me ) when she's w/ me at home?

    i'm so afraid to reduce my pumping as i don't want to drop my supply for her when i'm w/ her. does that happen when u partial wean? i don't mind keeping up w/ the BF at home, but if i can and if it doesn't hurt, i would like to pump wean during the day. it's been over a week and LO has continually been sporadic w/ taking her bottles so i'm assuming she's done and away w/ that. i'm just feeling anxiety over weaning since i wanna at least make it to BF my LO to the year or more. also, how does pump weaning affect the weekend supply w/ EBF??

    Thanx so much for any input u can throw my way!!
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    Default Re: Is she partially weaning?

    Can I ask how often she's nursing while your at home? Also have you tried to give her your milk in a sippy or straw cup for daycare? Some mom's find that works if their LO's start refusing the bottle.

    If she's nursing a lot, and really well at night then it might be possible for you to slow down on the pumping. At 9 months though I would encourage you to keep pumping at least once a day to keep your supply up.
    Since breastmilk should be the main source of her nutrition for the first year it's important for her to keep getting plenty of your milk.
    Usually around a year, some mom's find that they can wean from the pump during the day and have enough milk for the evening and during the weekends. Your body adjusts but overall you do have less milk than if you were pumping, just because you aren't filling bottles anymore. Most toddlers seem to do well with this arrangement.

    I hope that helps!
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    Default Re: Is she partially weaning?

    I remember 9 months being an interesting time with my daughter, as well. I was home with her and she didn't use a bottle, but I remember wondering if she was weaning, because she didn't care to nurse as much. It was just a phase in her case and it went away. Nursing multiple times at night is I think one of the factors that kept the nursing relationship going through that phase. As for the spit up, I wouldn't worry about it unless it occurs consistently. My 23 month old had a random spit up just the other day and is fine. It happens. And as for the rejected bottle, I wouldn't worry too much about it. I would just up the amount of nursing when you are with her - there is no nutrition like breastmilk nutrition and no calories like breastmilk calories at that age.

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    Default Re: Is she partially weaning?

    could the milk have been a little bit to cold or to warm for her liking?
    they can get pretty fussy at that age..
    they also figure out if I have a bottle (or nurse)
    I will fall asleep and you know you cann't do that!

    IT sounds like shes getting the milk that she needs when you are together.
    And if shes doing well with her solids and they are all good health solids high in fat and callories.
    And shes not having trouble pooping I bet she is getting the milk she needs.

    you could try a straw cup, or sippy and put your milk in there..

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