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Thread: Help!!!am I Drying Up Already???

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    Mommas pl help!!!
    I have been EBFing dd ( she is now 9w 3d old)and she has been doing great. I do have a OALD and OS thing going on. OALD has been somewhat better with me trying block feeding. I pump at times when am engorged. I use the latina pump that i had rented .
    Yesterday dd had her 2 months shots/vaccines.she had her shots at about 12 in the afternoon and i nursed her before we came home and she promptly fell asleep.Bless her , she nursed well despite the shots. She woke up and again nursed very well at 2:30 pm .From about 3:30 pm onwards she drifted in n out of sleep and cried out in pain .She refused to nurse and just wouldnt be comforted. She finally fell asleep at around 6:30 pm and dh held her.
    I pumped at 7:00pm for about 11-12 minutes and got 6.5oz.DD got up at 8:30 and then nursed on n off till 9:30 and then fell asleep. I tried waking her up at 11:00 to nurse but she was too sleepy.By this time I was worried that may be her not nursing that often would affect my milk supply( she nurses 10-12 times in 24 hrs). I pumped at 12:00 in the night and got about 3.75 oz.I woke up dd at about 2:15 am and though she was very sleepy she did nurse a bit on the left side.I pumped at 3:20am and got 3.5 oz. My breasts feel really empty. Am i going dry since dd didnt nurse her usual no of times??

    Earlier I used to feel fuller even with dd nurisng so often.I could pump 4-5 oz in 10-11 mins after she had nursed. IF she missed a feeding and I pumped during that time I could get 7-8 oz in 10-11 mins. I am scared that I have gone dry.Will one day of not so great nursing affect milk supply that badly??I am really scared. why do I feel so empty?What can I do to increase my supply again.


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    I think your milk might just be regulating. With my first I always had very full breast & thought it was wierd that with my daughter they tend to feel empty a lot. This is about the time that your body will regulate & figure out how much your baby needs. They shouldn't feel full all of the time. How much you get pumping doesn't say much about your supply. Your baby is much more effiecient at getting the milk out. I don't think you're drying up at all. Hang in there & don't stress out. If you find, at some point, that you really aren't making enough milk you can ask here again. In the mean time, as long as your baby seems to be getting enough & is having enough wet/poopy diapers, don't stress.
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