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    my 2 month old clicks alot during breastfeeding-i hear air sucking occasionally too--is this a sign of something common? They did mention a tongue tie when he was born, but apparently it wasn't bad enough to fix. He is gassy, and i'm wondering if he's taking more air in during feedings?

    Also he has started a bad habit of clamping down hard on my nipple during a few sessions....it hurts! how am i supposed to teach him to stop this behaviour?

    thank you

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    Not sure if I am right, but for me when dd2 clamps down to the point of pain I push her face nicely(sp) into my breast to force her to unlatch and relatch.

    I believe the clicking is poor latch because my dd2 will do it when she can not latch on well to a breast (too empty). I then offer her the other side because I have a habit forgetting which side I left off with.


    OH, if her are still concerned about the tounge tied I would see a lact. consul.
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    Clicking is a sign of improper latch. Try running your pointer around in LO's mouth in a circle. Once LO latches properly on to your finger, try to offer your breast. That's the only way we fixed latch.

    Watch out for using orthodontic-tipped pacis. They mess up latch something awful for some babes. If you do use a paci, try the Soothie. It won't interfere with latch.

    Be careful with bottles as well. Breastflow was the only one that we didn't have nipple confusion/poor latch with. It is the only bottle that closely mimics breastfeeding.

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    Is it a constant clicking? It can also be a sign of forceful let-down. Are you able to feel when your milk lets-down? Do you think it is happening mainly during that time? The clamping down can also be a sign of forceful let-down since baby has figured out how to slow down the flow.

    Here are some links: clicking, here is a link on clampdown bite reflex though I have a feeling the clamping down is related more to your baby slowing down your milk flow. forceful let-down (this one mentions both clamping down and clicking)


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