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    My LO is 5 1/2 mos. I would love to hold off on solids for the first whole year if I could. We are already getting the solid food questions I am definitely holding off until the 6 month mark...and I hope longer if she isn't yet ready. She is thriving great on EBFing!
    Anyway, what are ALL the signs to look for that show they are ready for solids...sitting up (completely on their own, right...no froggy sits, what about occasional toppling over)...pincher grasp (how can you test this...do you have to put a small object in front of them to pick up...everything goes straight into the mouth right now)...and the tongue thrust reflex (how can you tell if that is gone)...anything else??? A lot of family say she is ready and I know otherwise. I just want to make sure they are not influencing my decision at all, as in when to start.
    Next, we plan on doing BLS. Just wondering what most of the mommies start with? I was thinking avacado, but I was also thinking about watermelon or banana? Do banana's cause constipation? When you first start what size pieces do you give? Finally, is it best to stick with the same food for a few days and then intro something new? Do you try solids in the AM only?

    I don't know why I am so leary to introduce solids. I just love EBFing! I never even introduced her to the bottle and now she refuses a bottle at all costs (I am sorta happy about that...is that bad!

    Anyother advice and tips would be most appreciated!

    Would it be ok to give her frozen BM in the net feeder right now or should I hold off? And does anyone have a favorite sippy cup?

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    We first tried him with Cheerios around 6 months and we could tell that he's not ready yet. Then about 7 months I tried food from a jar and mashed banana. He didn't eat much of solid food until around one year old. I was worried that he didn't eat a lot but then I learnt that he could go without any solid food until one year old. Now he's about 14.5 months and loves eating and still nursing about 4-5 times a day.

    Yes try the same food for about a week and then see if he has any allergic symptom like diaper rash or hives. Playtex sippy cup is great, BPA free.
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    puffs were a great 1st us....then banana and avacado.
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    The main signs that LO is ready is sitting unsupported, at least 6 months, shows interest in what you are eating, can pick up small things(pincer grasp), and the tongue thrust is gone. The only way you will know about the pincer and tounge is trying. Remember most have a gag reflex when starting foods until they get use to the new texture put it should be very mild if they are truely ready. Most LO will hold off on soilds until 9 months or so and then having them every once in a while versus daily. This is for learning not for nutrients. I think you have the right idea about what to start and when.
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