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Thread: Need assistance at Georgia State University

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    Default Thank You Everyone who responded!

    I have unfortantely not gotten very far in establishing a pump room, but I have been granted access to the conference room in the department of African American studies.

    I am joining a group they call mother's care and am even set to host a meeting on breast feeding for them...(by the way if anyone knows of a lactation consultant in Atlanta who would love to help with that, let me know).

    I am still pursuing this further and would like to establish a permanent pump room for mothers on campus...I will post my updates with this latter issue as they occur...

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    Default Re: Need assistance at Georgia State University

    Thanks for letting us know how things are going. I'm glad you found somewhere to pump and I hope you are succesful with your efforts!
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    Default Re: Need assistance at Georgia State University

    Good for you! It's people like you that make the difference. Some mama is really going to thank you (or want to, but might not know who you are!) down the road when she comes on campus and discovers there's a pumping room for students. I'm glad you've found at least a partial solution to your own situation.

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