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Thread: Hydroquinone (Facial Product) and BF

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    Question Hydroquinone (Facial Product) and BF

    I just read an article about NOT using products that can get rid of the brown face patches I have -which were there when I got pregnant. I have been using hydroquinone- 2% which was OTC- not prescribed. It also is a BHA (exfoliator) I feel horrid- I have been using it since I was pregnant. It's by Paula's Choice Skincare and there weren't any warnings on it. Does anyone have any info on this? I can also call the manufacturer as well.
    What about teeth bleaching - I hope that I haven't messed my little guy up

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    Default Re: Hydroquinone (Facial Product) and BF

    I'm trying to remember for the life of me where I read that teeth bleaching was OK... maybe it was LLL?

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    Default Re: Hydroquinone (Facial Product) and BF

    This non-LLL resource should be helpful:

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