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Thread: Pressure to Wean BEFORE 1

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    yeah my mom bf me but by 6 months she had me totally weaned to solid foods and maybe some formula. So before DS was even born she was saying stuff like "well if you can make it 6 months that is fine, then you can do formula". So here I am still nursing at 13 months... they used to make comments to me about how I should wean at a year, but they don't do that anymore. I think it does help that they watch DS one day per week and have seen his lack of interest in eating solid foods, so they realize he needs the milk still. but I know that their comments are forthcoming.

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    I'm getting the same pressure from my MIL, even though I brought her to the breastfeeding class I took when I was pregnant, so she knows all the benefits. She has been jealous since the day I brought the baby home that I was hogging all the feedings. I was so concerned about my supply, especially in the early months, that I did try to breastfeed her whenever possible. Plus, it's so much easier to BF than to pump.

    We went out to dinner Friday night at my husband's suggestion, and my daughter wouldn't sit still, only wanted me, and started to cry. I ended up taking her outside, and she didn't even want to nurse, she just wanted to walk around and explore things. While I was outside with her, she asked my husband if I was finally going to stop BF now. Sigh.

    I've been trying to let her feel included by keeping my 3 pm EBF in the fridge for her to give to my daughter when she gets home, but even that isn't helping. I know she's jealous that my daughter prefers me right now, plus my MIL doesn't like milk. She doesn't drink it, so she much prefers to offer my daughter a bottle of water instead of EBF.

    Keep your chin up, and keep BF for as long as YOU and your LO want to.
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