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    I have a Medela Symphony. I've had it since my 11 week old DD was born, and it worked fine. For some reason, though, I'm not getting any suction on one of the flanges. The other one works fine. I can hear it sucking, but it doesn't do anything when I put it on. The membranes are about two weeks old, and I've tried disconnecting and reconnecting it. Any thoughts?

    I've been using the one to pump one side, then the other for now.

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    Have you checked that the membranes are flat against the valve and centered? I know I once had a membrane that was slightly off center and it totally screwed up the suction.
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    Medela has pretty good customer service! They can for sure help you and if something is wrong or broken help you get it fixed.
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    i suggest checking the memranes, they can sometimes have tiny holes, to tiny to see.... do your horns disconect from the valves? if so disconect the valve/membrane part of the pump place your finger tightly over the hole where the pump tubing usually connects and suck on the entire front end of the valve where the horn usually connects (open your moth all the way around the opening)

    if everything is working properly, you should get a huge suction when you try to suck and the membrane pulls tight against the valve, if not there will be hole in the membrane
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