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Thread: raw nipples

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    My little guy is 10 months old and has always had a great latch. Even with 6 teeth now, he doesn't bite me and his mouth position looks like it's supposed to. I say all of this because I'm at a loss as to why my nipples are suddenly so very sore and raw. It started about 3 weeks ago, I noticed that a half-moon shaped spot around my left nipple/breast was becoming red and a little calloused. I figured it was because of his teeth, but it didn't hurt so I thought it was fine. In the past three days, it has started to crack in places. I can see raw skin underneath. And now my right breast is starting to do the same thing. All of a sudden, it really hurts to feed him. I'm been spraying aloe on them after every nursing session.

    Any ideas on what is causing this and how to treat it?? He does pull off and look around when he nurses, but not excessively, and not any more than normal these past 3 weeks.

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    Default Re: raw nipples


    check out this link

    Sure hope your fealing beter soon.

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    Definitely check out the thrush link!
    Is he sliding off your nipple at all? Sometimes heavier babies have a good latch to begin with but slowly slip off the breast until they've got your nipple by their teeth .
    Try some different positions to keep his teeth imprints from the spot that's injured! Here's some more info on healing too. (If it's something like trush or an infection, that will have to be treated before anything will heal though)
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    I totally agree about the possibility of being thrush (BTDT) I had a similar experience around 10-11 months, I actually had a 'cut' that wouldn't heal for almost 7 weeks and feeding were real nightmare. I treated for thrush even though the symptoms were so different from when I had it the first time (around 3 months) and it cleared the situation, but...
    my period started again shortly before 12 months () and since then, at mid cycle, around the ovulation time, I experience some sort of discomfort, redness and "callousity" of the nipples for a while.
    So, in my case, there is definitely something hormonal involved, this might be your case too?
    (but take thrush into serious consideration, in my case the combination of the 2 things had a devastating effect!)
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    Default Re: raw nipples

    Try Lanolin instead of aloe, change babys position and about looking into thrush!
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    definately echo the lanolin and the changing nursing positions. If you don't get the tooth off the wound it won't heal whether or not it is thrush.

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