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Thread: Any Suggestions?

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    Okay, so my little stinker is much smarter than I give him credit. I went with all of your advice and decided to give him banana this morning to see what he would do with it. Well.....everything he ever picks up usually goes straight to his mouth....EVERYTHING! Not the banana!!!! He just held it in his hands, squished it, threw pieces of it on the floor, smeared it on his tray, etc....he knew exactly what I wanted him to do and did not do it. He stared at me the whole time he was doing it as if he was saying "I know you want me to taste this mommy, but I am NOT going to". I had to laugh. Let's just say he definitely "experienced" the banana, but not in his mouth. I guess that is all part of it!

    We will keep it up and hopefully he will decide to taste it

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    That's EXACTLY how DJ's 1st experience w/ banana went!!! He at that point was putting everything in his mouth, but the bannana got smeared on his knees and hair! Same with his 1st bread. The 1st food he actually put IN his mouth was watermelon. But weeks later I had a friend visiting during what was an obviously teethy period and she asked if we had a bread end. I said I was concerned about bread....she said he most certainly wasn't going to ingest much of it, but that french bread ends made GREAT teethers becasue they're hard. certainly more healthy than those awful biscuits (which I NEVER considered) and when we gave him one he happily knawed on it for the better part of a half hour!!!! After that we reintroduced bannase and now he'll eat/taste them. But the look on his face is always the same. "This isn't Milk?!!?"

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