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Thread: starting to wean

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    Default starting to wean

    hi my ds will be one in two weeks. And i want to start to cut of some of nursing sessions. I have noticed that he has dropped a morning feeding. i have now replaced it with a snack and some whole milk. The approach i would like to take on weaning is dont ask dont refuse. But to be honest he not that interested during the day if we are out and about. He has always been a sporadic nurser so there is no real schedule going on really. i have him on three meals and two snack also. ok any adv?

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    It sounds like you guys have a plan, usually replacing the sessions that are least important go first. The session that usually go last are ones like night time or just waking up. Those will probably be the hardest if your weaning him.

    See how it goes, and then let us know!
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