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Thread: Breastfeeding and Teething

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    My 8 month old has recently changed his latch. He latches on and then pushes away from my body with his arms, pulling my breast with him. He seems to want to stay this way throughout the entire feeding, but it is a very poor latch and it hurts me. I have tried to prevent it by not allowing him to push away, but he just gets fussy and keeps trying. I wonder if it is because he is teething. Has anyone heard of this happening, and if so, how can I teach him to stop?

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    If it is due to teething, this resource may offer some helpful information - let us know what you think
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    My DD does that same thing. She already has 2 teeth and I don't think anymore are coming in. She has done this for a couple of weeks and I am still strugling to get her to stop.
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    Mine has gone through a few phases of this. I've been lucky and it hasn't lasted more than a few days and she self corrects.

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    Thanks, I have been saying no, and telling him it hurts mommy. I am not sure if he understands, but it seems to distract him enough to stop for awhile. I hope this doesn't last!!

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