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Thread: Spoiled milk??

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    Default Spoiled milk??

    I was away on a business trip last week and pumped while I was there. I had a refrigerator in my hotel room where I kept the milk. On the day that I was to come home, I put the milk in the small cooler with a block of ice. It stayed in there from about 7am until 8pm. When I got home I put it straight into the freezer.
    Yesterday, my daughter drank a bottle with some of that milk. Last night she was spitting up (throwing up???) a lot of milk and has had some really dirty diapers.
    Is it possible that the milk spoiled? I have 6 other bags in the freezer and don't know if I should just throw them out.
    Any help would be appreciated. I leave on a 2 day trip tomorrow so if I need to throw that out I will need to supplement with some formula - any suggestions on a type would also be helpful.

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    Did the milk smell funky at all either before you put it into the freezer or after you thawed it? Breastmilk REALLY smells different when it has gone off. Give any stuff you are worried about a good sniff. If you aren't sure, then err on the side of caution. But in general, you'll probably know if it has gone bad!

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    Another thing my LLL leader told me is that most babies won't take spoiled milk. So if it's really bad it's more likely your baby won't take it than it is that she'd get sick from it! HTH

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    I had some milk sour last week and I could definitely tell. I went to mix it in with some cereal for dds breakfast and I tasted it to see if it was too hot and it tasted awful. I then smelled the milk and it smelled sour--just like cow's milk that has went bad. You'll know!!!!

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