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Thread: I get to post here now!

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    Default I get to post here now!

    Yesterday was DS's first birthday! So, we are now officially nursing beyond one! I can't believe we made it past latch problems, OALD, dairy allergies, and a horrible pediatrician who tried to pressure me into formula at two months. I wouldn't mind being night weaned at this point , but I love the special nursing bond I have with DS. When I get home from work he gets so excited to nurse that he makes the cutest sighs and happy noises and he keeps burying his whole face in my chest and then looking up at me and then doing it again. He gets so excited after not nursing all day he almost doesn't know what to do with himself!
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    Congrats and happy nursing days to come! Nursing a toddler is so much different!

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    How cute! Congrats on making it past a year. And a very happy belated birthday to your ds!
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    Congrats!!!! Welcome to the club
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    Congrats mama!!! And happy birthday.
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    Welcome to the club! It's a big accomplishment - you should be very proud!

    Happy Birthday!

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    Wonderful!!! Congrats and welcome!!! I love having a toddler nursling. You can just feel the joy it brings them

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    Congrats ! I get to post here now too. My lo will be 1 tomorrow. I'm so excited that I made it & am still BF.
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    Happy birthday Lo and what a wonderful mommy you have to hang in there. Now that is love!
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    Well done Mamma! Congratulations to you both. What an awesome gift you have given to your LO. Happy Birthday to your LO. May your wonderful breastfeeding relationship continue far into the future. Nursing a toddler is an awesome experience.

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