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Thread: Fluid filled blister

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    Default Fluid filled blister

    Is it okay to pop it? It really hurts. I have been pumping on that side instead of letting DS nurse on it. He doesn't latch on there well which is why I got the blister.

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    Default Re: Fluid filled blister

    No, don't pop it. Keep putting a warm compress on it before feeding/pumping, and a little lanolin (that helps with friction during feeding). After you are done feeding wipe it with warm water and put a tiny bit of neosporin on it to help it heal.

    I just got rid of an enormous blister - it took about 4 - 5 days with constant care.

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    Default Re: Fluid filled blister

    Ouch! How is the blister now? Any improvement? Have you been able to see anyone locally (your local LLL Leader, your nearest IBCLC)?

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