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Thread: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

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    Default Re: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    I'm still concerned about a possible sensory issue.
    DS (turning 4yo) had a serious sensory issue that we didn't know about and it was a nightmare figuring out how to fill his nutritional needs. He dropped through several contours on the growth curve when he hit 6 months and is still skinny but is healthy. We got the sensory issue diagnosed around age 3.

    He still won't touch fresh fruit. But, he will eat justveggies dried fruits or fruit strips
    He still won't touch veggies. But, I blenderize them into the sauce for his favorite meatballs.
    He won't touch any mushy foods-- no applesauce, oatmeal, mashed potato... so we feed him crunchy things like tater tots, healthy crackers, etc.
    He won't touch pieces of meat, unless they are breaded or covered in sauce

    We just found through trial and error (and lots of it) what worked for him and still resembled nutrition. He won't eat well as a guest, but we can deal.

    And yet, he loves the sandbox and running barefoot through the grass and always did. sensory issues are strange things, the kid can love one sensation and shun another.. don't rule it out yet.

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    Default Re: Every solid meal is a nightmare!

    thats what's great about nursing longer you know that toddler is getting good fats and great callories from your milk.

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    My son is 20 mos and still like that. We call him 2 bite Jack. He will eat 2 bites of what we give him and then he's done. He is an AVID nurser and just plain prefers that. He is small (barely 20lbs) but healthy and happy as long as he can nurse constantly I struggle and am stressed about it. I think its in our nature as moms to worry about feeding our baby. But remember you are feeding him if he is still nursing. Also, toddlers will not starve themselves to death- its impossible. They will eat to survive. So if they aren't hungry- you have to accept that they just aren't hungry. Its hard but its what i tell myself evey day. Good luck and roll with it! That's my motto as I sit and stare at the plate of eggs that he left after eating one bite this am.

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    Our DD was like that for the first 12 months! (only with solids) and now she's a very good eater. But sometimes she would refuse to eat and suddenly, when we are done, she would start eating. May be he needs some time in the table. I agree with PPs don't force him, if he's hungry he'll eat, if not he won't. And once he realizes meal times are fun, he might start being more interested, but don't worry if he's not. If he seems healthy, happy and growing, he's fine.

    Good luck

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