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Thread: Does it ever get easier????

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    Thumbs down Does it ever get easier????

    I dropped off TWO children today at daycare. Felt worse this time than when I left the first (last year). Cried SOOO much over leaving my 8 week old daughter this time. Does it ever get any easier??? I didn't expect it to be so much harder, especially when I've already been through it! I love my job, but REALLY this is terrible!

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    1,000 's to you. It will get better. I promise!

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    I sympathize with you. I've been back to work after summer vacation for 2 weeks already but today was DDs first day back at the sitter (family had been watching her the past 2 weeks). And honestly, I was more nervous/sad today than my first day back.

    I'm certain that it will get easier. I always say that this arrangement is helping her to learn to be social and independent, and helping me to appreciate all the time we get to spend together...even those annoying temper tantrums!
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