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Thread: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

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    Default Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    My 20 month old daughter and I are flying to Boston this Thursday. We fly about every other month, usually my husband is with us, but I've flown solo with her a few times. She is so easy to fly with - I nurse her as we start down the runway and she's asleep before the wheels go up and she stays asleep until I wake her after we've landed. It's the best possible scenario for me.

    The problem I'm having is I'm feeling apprehensive about nursing her right next to someone I don't know the older she gets. Usually my husband is next to me and I feel fine because he's there. But nursing a 20 month old, whose greater than 95th % for height just isn't something commonly seen and I'm feeling self-conscious about it. She won't let me use a blanket to cover myself, but I do pull my shirt down to cover most of my breast, however, we're talking really close quarters on a plane. It's not that I think there's anything wrong with nursing a 20 month old, it's just that I feel more comfortable about it when I'm not shoulder to shoulder with a stranger and trying to keep her long legs on me.

    I'm basically just looking for some encouragement. Not nursing her on the flight isn't an option, but I just want to feel better about it.

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    Default Re: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    I recently nursed my 2.5 yr old on a ferry b/c he really needed a nap. Since I'm pregnant and didn't want all that belly showing, I used the wrap to pillow his head, wrap around my back and belly and cover his legs. I felt like it gave us some privacy and just made him look more like a sleeping toddler. I just pulled my shirt down to his face and didn't try to cover anything else up. Maybe you'll get some nice lady next to you who nursed her own toddlers.
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    Default Re: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    I think we hear lots of stories of rudeness, but I really think that most people are more open-minded and accepting.
    You're taking the best care possible of your LO and that is great! Try not to worry and if you happen to sit next to someone who makes a negative comment, just say something like, "She usually nurses during takeoff and then sleeps the whole flight! Trust me, you'll appreciate not having a crying toddler next to you." (insert big smile) That might help them see it your way and avoid a confrontation.
    I think that chances are you won't have any problems, though! I can sympathize with the awkwardness of NIP a tall toddler. My DD1 is really tall too- we don't NIP much anymore but when we did it was a little challenging.


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    Default Re: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    Oh believe me I have been there! MOST of the time it has been fine and either no one was directly next to me or it was a really nice person who was supportive. A couple times I was just uncomfortable and worried about his crazy legs and crazy movements and habit of popping off the boob to have a good look around leaving me exposed. But, no one ever said anything and I chose to tell myself they didn't know or didn't care... You get through it, chances are it wont be an issue. And remember, you ARE doing what is best and if someone else should comment, who cares? you won't ever see them again and it doesn't matter, it really doesn't (I had to tell myself a couple of times!)

    Here's sending you good seatmate vibes and don't forget to check on line to see if you can reserve a seat with an empty one beside it AND ask again when checking in to see if they can't try to put you in one with an empty beside... that also has worked for me. The ONLY empty on the plane was next to me twice on my last trip.

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    Default Re: Feeling apprehensive - someone set me straight!

    I've not flown alone with my nurslings. However, I have flown with my twins, my older child and our nanny. I sat with one of my twins in the row just in front of everyone else and we passed the twins back and forth over the seats to nurse and for a "change in scenery". The last time we flew they were a few days short of 24 months, and they are both large for their age.

    I have never noticed any funny looks nor heard any "off" comments. The last time I flew there was a 20-something year old man next to me. He could have cared less about what we were doing, and didn't seem to be bothered by the inevitable feet in his lap.

    We never cover up, and I no longer wear nursing shirts. I figure my kids are happy when I nurse them, so everyone else on a plane is going to be more comfortable, too that if the kids are noisey. It's always a wee bit awkward for me to NIP, but I've also never let it stop me.

    At the last LLL meeting I went to a woman described how a flight attendent had offered her a blanket to cover up "for descretion", and she responded that she didn't think her neighbour would like having the blanket on his head!

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