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Thread: refusing the highchair

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    Thanks for all the suggestions!!! THe clip on monkey booster seat might work, and Joshua loves monkeys. I am trying to let him sit with us at the table, I think he just wants to be "a big boy"
    I will try setting a place for him on the floor too (with a mat) that's a good idea.

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    yeah I had to get rid of the high chair early with my dd she was less then 2 and she was climbing in and out and that wasn't safe!
    She will sit at the table with us for a short time and then she is ready to get down and play.
    I would leave her plate and 9 time out of 10 she would come back and finish it with in 20 mins of getting up.

    gets harder when you have older kids.

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    Wayne went thru this phase too. Youwant to know my trick.... I put his favourite toy on the tray until i get the food and i buckle him immediately. Then i get his food and keep the toy at the side. Mind you, I still feed Wayne most of the time, the only thing that he likes feeding himself is pasta and oven chips
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