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Thread: breastfeeding baby + extra pumping for toddlers?

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    Default breastfeeding baby + extra pumping for toddlers?

    I have 3 kids, age 4.5, 3.5 and 2 years old, and in a few weeks I'll have another baby! They've all breastfed for a 9-15month period (due to the successive pregnancies at some point they didn't "like" my milk, and refused to start nursing again with the newborn). So this time I came up with this idea: maybe I could nurse the baby, and pump some extra milk (600-800ml) for the 3 others! Is this safe? Could this "harm" my milk supply for the newborn? When will it be ok to start pumping? Has anyone done something like this?
    Thank you very very much for your response!

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    Default Re: breastfeeding baby + extra pumping for toddlers?

    I'm sure your children would love your milk I haven't ever pumped for 3 but my older sister and I had babies within 3 months of each other (her dd is older) She was having supply issues and her lo was having problems taking formula. I pumped for her baby for about 3 -4 months (8-12 oz per day)while nursing my lo. I was lucky and had a lot to share. My first concern would be making sure you're not pumping too much milk from your breasts to take away from your newborns feeding. I pumped AFTER my dd's feedings during the day. I definitely think you'll be just fine. I would talk to a Local LLL Leader and get some tips from her. Good luck!
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    Default Re: breastfeeding baby + extra pumping for toddlers?

    I'd probably wait until after 6 weeks when you know your milk supply is established and your over any major hurdles!

    The only time that I think it would hurt your supply for your new baby would be if you had a really bad oversupply/over active let down going. In that cause you wouldn't want to be pumping a lot and creating more problems for yourself!

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