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Thread: What would you do?

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    Default What would you do?

    DS will be 6 months in about 2 weeks. He is SOOOO interested in solids, I mean, grabs them off of our plates and tries to eat them-cries when we take them away. He constantly watches us eat and even if I've just nursed him right before we sit down to eat he always wants to nurse when we're eating-it's like smelling the food made him hungry again.
    Would it be okay if I started introducing maybe a fruit or veggie here or there? I wouldn't even think about it if he didn't seem to want them so bad.
    Any thoughts?
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    Sounds like your baby is exhibiting the signs of readiness for solids. If he were mine, I'd definitely start giving him some finger foods to explore. I know all the recommendations are to wait until 6 months until starting solids- but I think that should be revised to "approximately 6 months if baby is exhibiting signs of readiness" instead. I wouldn't give a 2 or a 4 month old solids, but I'd have few qualms about a 5.5 month old.

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    Read over this to see what LLL has to say:


    I know a lot of mommas wait longer than 6 months. The FAQ does state when your child is about 6 months, so it is up to you to determine. You know your child best so it is your decision to make.
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    The phrase I've heard used that i like best is "around the middle of the first year". Sometimes people get too hung up on exactly 6 months. I don't believe anything magical happens overnight on that date, some babies will be ready for solids a little sooner, others a little later.
    Your son does seem to be exhibiting some signs of readiness, so I doubt it would be harmful to allow him access to some solid food at this point.
    I'm a big fan of BLS. I've tried both this and using purees and I found BLS much easier. One of the basic principles of BLS is that a baby's gut matures in line with the rest of his development, so if they are developmentally able to self feed then there is a very high probability that the gut is developed sufficiently to receive the food. It kind of takes the guess work out of deciding when your baby is ready. You make the food available and baby decides whether or not to eat it.
    So you could offer some suitable finger food - cooked carrot batons are a popular starter - and see how he gets along. It may be a while before he actually starts eating much, but exploring the food is all part of the learning process.
    It could be a good way of introducing solids for you, as it will satisfy your son's curiosity about solid food but you can be reassured that you are not giving him anything that he's not yet ready for. If he's not ready, he won't eat it, but he'll still be learning from the experience.
    Good luck, and enjoy!

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    Close enough imo. I started dd a week or two before her 6 month mark. There's not a magic switch that flips on their 6 month birthday. You can try offering a little and see if he takes it, if not, no biggie, might just play with it, but he'll feel included.
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