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Thread: Constipation and Solids

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    Question Constipation and Solids

    I have post several threads about DS hating solids....well he still isn't any better, but we have managed to get him to eat a couple of things.

    He loves the Gerber banana and corn puffs. I don't care for them since they have sugar in them, but we are trying to get him better at solids.

    Since he's been eating them he has been very constipated, which is very unlike my son. We don't give him many of the puffs, maybe 10 at each sitting, still nurses on demand every 3-4 hours 24/7, and he normally poops every 4-5 days. What can I give him to help the constipation? Also, as he gets more into solids, is he going to stay constipated until his body adjust?
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    I wonder about food sensitivity. Food avoidance and constipation are both signs of possible food intolerance/allergy, and the Gerber Graduates have a whole lot of the top 8 allergens in them (corn, wheat, soy, etc). Plus, even without any food issues, bananas and rice are constipating. It might be worthwhile to do a little research about food sensitivities, and maybe experiment with cutting some of the common offenders out of your diet (since he's still nursing, he gets your food from you) as well as out of his. I might try first gluten and dairy. If it is a food issue, he should feel better withing a few weeks and be more willing to eat food that doesn't make him feel sick.

    Otherwise, freeing up constipation can be done with prunes or their juice, plums, pears or their juice, apple juice (but not apple sauce), and extra water and nursing.

    If it were me, I think I'd lay off the solids for now. It doesn't sound like they're working for your little guy. He may need more time, or a tweak of his (your) diet. You should be fine just nursing him for a while longer yet. I think I might also try to stick with one-ingredient foods like bananas or sweet potatoes or apples. Whatever you choose. That way you can be more certain what it is when a particular food doesn't agree with him or causes constipation. He will eventually want to eat solids.

    Good luck! Constipation is really rough to watch your babies go through (my two kiddos have food issues, and have dealt with constipation when our food isn't right for them. it's heartbreaking to try to comfort them during it).

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    Default Re: Constipation and Solids


    you might have more lucl with a whole grain cereal for a finger food.

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