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Thread: Need reassurance

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    Cool Need reassurance

    Hi milky mamas!

    I need reassurance to my ds's solids intake; wheather if I am feeding to much or just right. He is turning 10 mo on 8/22. I just bumped him up yesterday from 4 tablespoons to 5, but now I think I will keep him on 4 tablespoons. I usually keep him like that for a month and move up 1 more tablespoon. He's a high needs baby so he is nursing constantly. He weighs 30 pds and is above the 95th percentile and dr says he looks great.

    He currently eats breakfast and dinner. I was thinking to start feeding him three times a day once he turns a year old since I want his main nutrition to be bm for the year.

    Your comments will be greatly appreciated.

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    He's a big little guy huh!. I just met a mom today that feeds her 10 month old 2 jars of feed per feeding so I think that is about what you're saying. I make Kami's food and she takes about 1 oz. of food per day sometimes 2 oz. But she is a girl and 8 months so that is different. As long as he is gaining weight well and is healthy, I personally wouldn't push it but maybe try a bigger variety and more finger foods.

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    I never had to bump up ds' solids, since he'd pretty much bump them up himself by simply demanding more. So long as you're careful to nurse before solids so he's filling up on the good stuff and so long as he's still gaining well, making plenty of wet diapers, and his poop is neither hard nor dry, then you're safe to let him eat as much as he wants.

    ITA, btw, on finger foods. It's harder to measure them, but it's actually better because you put much more control into the baby's hands (quite literally, lol!), so he is far less likely to overeat on the solids.

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