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Thread: I am going to quit...HELP!

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    Unhappy I am going to quit...HELP!

    Ok, ladies...to add to my ongoing saga of trying to figure out my 2 (almost 3) month old. I wrote a couple of days ago about a milk protein allergy and someone suggested soy may also be causing a problem. How do I know? I am positive I have not had even a drop of milk protein for at least 2 weeks. My son is miserable all the time. We have had problems with nursing in various ways. The milk allergy, reflux (taking Zantac), flat nipples (wore shells the first two weeks), right nipple too small and let down too slow and left flow too strong (wore shields during BF on and off for a month at recomm of a LC), nursing "strike" (which you all helped me through), and so on... I am a fairly stubborn and determined person and have not let any of this nor my families suttle attempts to get me to try formula stop me from BF. However, I am at my wits end at this point. He was not sleeping AT ALL all day long until this week. He would sleep 6-7 hours at night but was miserable all day. Some of you are going to think I am aweful and really fuss at me for this, but I have put him on a sleep schedule. It has helped tremedously with the fussing and even the nursing to some degree.

    Now, to my problem. He only nurses for about 6-8 minutes on my left side and 2 minutes (if I'm lucky and start him here) on my right. He has plenty of wets and dirties and is gaining weight like nobody's business (he weighs 16-17 lbs.) so I am assuming he is getting enough to eat. He eats every 2 1/2-3 hours. When I put him down for a nap he only sleeps 20 or 30 minutes and then is up screaming. When I go to pick him up he still acts sleepy but will not go back down. He refuses if put down unless someone is sitting in front of him talking and acting like and idiot and even then he still fusses some. When we are holding him, he will be happily sitting in our arms or cooing and suddenly burst out in a cry. He burps a lot and sometimes acts like he is choking or is having trouble swallowing (this is new). His stomach makes these weird gurgly sounds while nursing which causes him to pull off and scream. He also has the following pattern when he is on the breast: suck two or three times and "pop" off the nipple, then repeat. Needless to say my nipples are paying the price. I tell all the to my ped and she acts like it is all normal and he is fine. I am not so convinced! However, I hesitate to keep going back because I don't want unnecessary tests done on him if I am only being paranoid. Back to the allergy, I have already lost 40 lbs and cannot loose any more (I have Crohn's disease and will get sick). I do not know how to cut anything more from my diet. I DO NOT want to feed him formula...Someone please offer some suggestions! Should I take him back to the ped? Do you think he is just stubborn? Is this really all normal?

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    Wink Re: I am going to quit...HELP!

    Don't quit! It will get better. It got better for me and I don't honestly know why, I think maybe it was a phase or something. As long as he is having enough wet and dirties and is a good weight, don't worry. I know for me, a couple of things helped. I made a concious effort to RELAX while feeding him and that really helped him to relax as well. I don't know for you, maybe you are relaxed already, but I was stressed out about the whole everything that was going on with my son. I took to doing some ssshhhhhhh breathing in a rhythmic pattern while feeding him and that seemed to help him to stay focused and it also helped me to remain calm. Try if that helps. Other things I tried that seemed to help at times: nursing in bed while lying down with him next to me.

    Hang in there! Trust me, I was there right where you are and I was starting to transition my son to formula when he basically turned a corner and things started getting MUCH better. He still has fussy nights now, but I don't have a problem giving him an occassional bottle of EBM on the nights he is fussy.

    PS-I've heard that breastmilk is kind of exempt from the whole milk protein allergy and unless he is having a SEVERE reaction to the feedings (which, judging by his weight I would say that is NOT the case) he's probably just going through a difficult phase, trust me. . .my son's difficult phase lasted weeks and I thought "this can't be a phase" but now he has been nursing fine and really happy for the most part of the past 2 weeks. Personally I think it's because he finally figured out how to fart on purpose instead of just getting all uncomfortable with the gas. . .but enough about that

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