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Thread: Will they ever be the same?

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    Default Will they ever be the same?

    9 months of pumping and I am going for at least 9 more. I never needed to pump with my first DD. So, I am curious if my nipples will ever go back the way they were or will I forever have my "high beams on" as my DH refers to them? It is like the pump has molded them into a new shape, pointy cones! I feel uncomfortable wearing t-shirts because my nipples are always showing (sticking out...however you want to describe it), even when I use breast pads!
    Will I have to continue to wear big baggy clothing? Maybe I should just get over it and show the word how happy I am to be a nursing mom

    Any words of encouragement? or suggestions?

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    Default Re: Will they ever be the same?

    All I can say is "Show off those high beams!" Wear them like a proud badge of motherhood!

    I have been wondering the same exact thing about my girls...I guess we will find out!
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    Default Re: Will they ever be the same?

    i think my nipples will go back to normal (i hope!)
    if not, it was worth it! haha
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