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Thread: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

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    Default 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    my 12mo DD is starting to wean herself from bfing, she only nurses in the morning and at night. This past week she has decided that she does not want me to feed her anymore, she just wants to do it herself. I have tried everything to give her jars or fingerfood but she jsut clenches her lips up. The problem is that she gets EVERYTHING on the floor or in her chair and not in her mouth. I can tell she is losing weight. I forgot to add, she does wake during the night to nurse still, like 2 times usually. Does anyone have suggestions to get her to let me help feed her. I'm so stressed!!

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    Default Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    That sounds very typical 12 MO behavior. I highly doubt she is self-weaning, probably just going through a time of lots of milestones.

    If she wants to self-feed then so be it. Many babies prefer to do it themselves from the beginning at 6 months! The more practice she gets the better she will be at it.

    She's nursing 2 times during the day, and 2 times at night? If I were you I would try and get at least 2 more times in with her. Do you have an opportunity to get her into a dark/quiet room and see if you can get her to nurse? I always can get my 14 MO to nurse both before and after naps, then in the AM when he gets up and also going to bed.

    We went through a time right around 12 months where I felt the same way that you did, weaning and no solids... but what do you know... he went back to nursing a lot more once he got some milestones out of the way.

    Enjoy the independence your LO is giving with eating solids, it sounds as if you're doing a wonderful job with her.

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    Default Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    I highly recommend the book My Child Won't Eat by Carlos Gonzalez - it was extremely reassuring and really helped me change my attitude about feeding my picky eater, i.e. what I needed to do and what I needed to leave up to him.

    Have you actually weighed your daughter to see if she is losing, or maybe she just feels like she's becoming more lean, and is growing in height? It can seem strange when your chunky monkey naturally starts to become more lean when they are more active and mobile as toddlers.

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    this is frustrating!! my dd was very much like that, im i hated cleaning up after her every meal!!! but it does get better, stick with her and she will definetly get it eventually, how will she be able to learn if you do let her try?? let her try it out, she will get it!! Good luck!! =-)
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    Default Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    I know you need them.

    Could she be teething? I know that when Hunter is getting a new tooth or two he doesn't want to nurse or eat as well.

    Hunter loves to feed himself and he makes a big mess but it's fun. We are doing bls and I love it. Somedays eats a ton and somedays the dog cleans all of it off the floor

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    Default Re: 12mo eating problems Please Help!!

    Practice makes perfect Just try to be patient w/the solids and she'll get better...
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