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    I have three children. My oldest I didn't nurse. I was very young, in school, and again I was young. My middle child is now 2.5 When I started nursing her things went well. I would pump 12 oz or more each time I pumped from the time she was 6 weeks old. So I would have plenty of milk for her for the next day if I pumped 3 times that day.

    My one question is, with my third she is 7 weeks old now and I am only pumping approx. 7 oz total each time I pump. sometimes alot less. What do I do? (When drinking from a bottle she drinks about 5 oz but I am trying to keep ahead of her so I don't have to supplement formula.)

    Second question, sometimes i get 2-3x's more out of one side than another, is that normal?

    Third question, I work 8:30-5:30 most of the time sometimes longer... But I feed the baby and pump before work most of the time, then when I finally get a chance to pump, it is between 11:30-1:00... And sometimes I don't get to pump or feed the baby until I get home.. could that be hurting my supply? Because I had the same schedule with my middle child and it never seemed to effect my supply...

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    IMO, 7oz a session is a GREAT amount. When I was pumping 3x's a day I was getting 12-14oz (about 4oz per session) total for all 3 sessions. I also get uneven amounts. Sometimes my left side is 2x what my right side produces. I think that's normal.

    For your 3rd question, can you tell us how many feeds you miss while you are at work? I'm assuming you are probably missing at least 2 or 3? IMO, you should try to pump as often as you would normally nurse. So, if you are missing 3 sessions you should aim to pump 3x's. So, I would say that it could be possible that only pumping once during the day is lessening your supply (but again 7oz in one session is a good amount). Any chance that you could add a 2nd session? Perhaps pump at say 11:30 and 2:30?
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    Thank you...

    I will try to pump more.. but I own my own buisness and it is dealing with customers so I never know when or if I am going to have a few moments to spare..

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    I know it's so hard to figure all the pumping stuff out there! The missing sessions during the day could totally be affecting your supply, your body is not being told to make more milk so it's not making more...

    I had uneven sides, one side always produced more and then one day those sides even switched!

    I would try for two sessions if at all possible and even three if you can fit it in at times, I would say try to mimic her actual feedings as much as possible!

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