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Thread: What foods would you not want daycare to offer?

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    Default Re: What foods would you not want daycare to offer?

    We have just gone through this with our DCP, so I sympathize with you. We go to a center, not in-home, so it's a little different. They were not terribly forthcoming with the ingredients in their foods and we guessed that was for a reason....

    We made this list:
    no nuts
    no high fructose corn syrup
    no processed or powdered cheese or sauces
    only natural meat and dairy products (i.e., no added hormones or antibiotics)

    In the end, we decided to continue bring DDs food from home. After we made that decision, the daycare made us bring a note from the Dr saying that she approved that we only bring DDs food from home We have a great pedi who willing signed such a note, but it did make us mad that it was required
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    Default Re: What foods would you not want daycare to offer?

    I would ask for a typical week's menu to see what you're up against too! Might be better or worse than you think
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    I agree with the PP. We don't send our DS to daycare, but I do notice that the center in our church has a printed published menu that indicates the content of all meals given each day. I certainly think a daycare provider, especially if it is a licensed center, should provide a menu. Schools do.

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    Thanks all for the advice and recommendations. She is licensed, but doesn't provide a menu ahead of time. She has been logging what she's offered DD each day and checking to make sure we are okay with it. I sent her a big box of groceries with some of DDs favorites (veggie booty, pirate booty, a bunch of different Earth's Best snacks...things I didn't expect that she'd have on hand). I typed up a short list of things I didn't want her to be given: hotdogs and similar deli meats like bologna, cheese slices/velveeta, processed breakfast snacks (like pop tarts), juice, nuts/nut butters, sugar cereals, fruit snacks/roll ups, and chocolate. I was worried about being too picky or demanding but then figured, hey, I'm the mother and I have the right to be picky when it comes to what my child puts in her body. So far things are going well and she's mostly eaten fruits, veggies, the occasional baked french fry, toast. All pretty harmless in the grand scheme of things.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*mommy-to-landin View Post
    Good idea.
    You can always pack some healthy food.
    Packing a lunch is always a good idea. My DD1's 1st and last daycare served everything under the sun from pork sausages to candy for a treat. I don't eat or allow pork and my DD1 never had candy until she went to daycare.

    Pack a lunch and snack or find out what they serve.

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