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Thread: Ok, One More ?

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    Default Ok, One More ?

    Ok, my shield was a 24mm, which was way too small. How do I know which is right?? Do I just buy two of each size???? I'm getting frustrated and uncomfortable

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    Do you have a Lactation Consultant in your area? At a local hospital maybe? She can usually fit you for a shield in her office!
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    i had to just buy the shields, they came in packs of 2, i ended up needing large for one breast and regular for the other
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    Believe it or not, my nipples were too small for the standard 24mm that come with the pump so I had to special order size 21mm from the internet! Stores don't carry the small size. I purchased them and tried them and they worked. But had they not, I would have just kept on purchasing shields until I had a right fit.
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    I had to do the 21mm too. My LC told me to measure nipple size with a dime...if it's about the same size of smaller, go down to the 21mm. Yours might be bigger so maybe go up a size?

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