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Thread: Sick baby!! Advice needed...

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    Default Sick baby!! Advice needed...

    DS has had his first runny nose, started on Sunday night(he was up and down all night) last night was a little better, until 3 am when he woke with a horrid fever , i didn't officially check it , i did give Tylenol and stripped his PJs off and we slept uncovered, latched under the fan...This morning the 'snot' was almost brown and crusted around his nose, i called the doc and they checked him out at lunch, they advised we continue the Tylenol/Advil for another 24 hours, if he still has a fever then to bring him back (b/c one ear was a little red) He sounds horribly congested, even the SAHM who keeps him agrees, is there a homeopathic med we can give, or some herbal type thing, any advice for anything to relieve his stuffiness and scratchy throat
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    no advice mama, just, my lo has stuffy nose and sore throat too
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    Little Noses is what my pediatrician recommended and it worked great. It is a two-part process, so make sure when you buy it yu puchase the starter kit that contains BOTH the saline solution AND the nasal aspirator. you squirt the saline, which my baby hated, and then you suck out the nasal mucus using the aspirator, which she also hated. My baby cried and fussed about it so that my husband had to hold her still while I did the squirting and aspirating. It made all of us unhappy, but only momentarily. Before we used it, she was having trouble breathing, sleeping and breasfteeding. after wards, she was doing al those things easily. we had to do it before bed at night and sometimes in the middle of the night.

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    Wow, your DS is about the same age as mine and he also just had his first runny nose. Poor little guys! We use the little noses stuff too. You can use both the drops and the aspirator, but you can just use the drops alone too. My FIL is a ped and recommended the drops. All they are is saline, so they just loosen up the snot a bit.

    Mine had a fever that went up to 102.5 yesterday and was fussy and not wanting to eat a lot. We gave him tylenol and tried to give him some BM every 30 minutes and limited his solids to fruit (like watermelon) to make sure he stayed hydrated. Today he's a lot better, so I hope your DS gets well soon. Good luck.

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