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Thread: Rice cereal at 3 1/2 months?

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    Exclamation Rice cereal at 3 1/2 months?

    My LO has recently been waking up every 45min-1 1/2 hrs during the night to nurse. Before that he was sleeping 8-11hr. stretches at night. I've recently gone back to work and he isn't taking a bottle very well at the sitter's so he is making up the missed feedings during the night. Everyone (including his ped) I know thinks I should start giving him rice cereal before bedtime to help fill his stomach. I just don't feel right about this even though it would be nice to get more sleep. I had planned to only BF until 6 months but I'm feeling a lot of pressure to do this especially from DH. I thought that this could lead to possible food allergies? Any thoughts ladies?

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    I too had my daughter sleeping 8 hours a night only to return to work and have her start waking up again! I returned at 3 mo. and she is now 5 mo. She is still waking once per night. I thought long and hard about starting cereal too, but we made it through it. There is also a growth spurt around 3 months, so I just kept that in mind too. My cousin started her LO on cereal at 3 months in hope of sleeping longer and it didn't work anyways!

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    It can lead to food allergies. And there's no guarantee that it will help him sleep though the night, either. Especially if it causes gas, it might make him wake more often. I'm very surprised a doctor would even recommend that for getting him to sleep.

    It's really normal for them to have that reaction when you first go back to work. My daughter did it too. They are not only making up for lost nursing, but reconnecting emotionally and I think that if you can deal with losing sleep for a little while longer, it is worth it to have that reconnection. It was for me, anyway. It's a personal decision, though and one that you have to make with your own family in mind. Eventually your little guy will start getting better about taking bottles at the sitters and become accustomed to you being gone and secure knowing that you will come back every time and then he'll chill out on the all-night nursing a bit on his own.

    Do you cosleep at all? It helped me A LOT to be able to fall back to sleep while I nursed rather than try to go sit up and nurse every time she woke up. I think that is what saved my nursing relationship.
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    Default Re: Rice cereal at 3 1/2 months?

    Our son was like that too....not just when I went back to work but from birth, and EVERYONE told me to do that.

    We chose not to...(thanks for your advice though grandmas, aunts, friends, and that one cashier in Albertson's...)

    We made it through, just like PP said...they eventually grow out of it.

    Here's a for the meantime though!
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    Default Re: Rice cereal at 3 1/2 months?

    awe reverce cycle is what they call it....
    there are some good hints on stopping it here that don't include cereal.

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