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Thread: Fussy 4 month old

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    Hi there,
    This is my first time writing in. I've been exclusively breastfeeding for 4 months and have enjoyed it. The past week, however, has been misreable. My daughter will not stay latched on for longer than a few minutes at a time, when she usually would stay on 20 min. each side if I let her! Her new total time of feeding is more like 20 min. She cries when she gets off, then I get her back on and she seems satisfied, then cries again. I hear a ton of milk when she's sucking, so I don't think it's a production issue. I'm at the point of giving her expressed breast milk for her feedings. I go back to work next week, and my hope was to do bottles of breast milk during the day and then nurse in the am and pm, but I don't know if I can take the breastfeeding anymore. Help, please!

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    babies get more efficient over time. My son can empty one breast in about 5-7 minutes. Also this is the prime age for "distraction". This resource may help - Distractible Baby. Another possibility is teething.

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    My DS just turned 4 months old last week and we have been going through the same thing. He does not feed for as long as he usually does and pulls on and off constantly. Some days are better than others. If he doesn't feed well at a feeding, then I pump to save up some extra milk. If he starts the fussing, kicking, pulling on and off, etc and I can't get him calm to eat, I will stop and just let him lie in the floor to kick and play around. The one thing I have discovered is...if he doesn't feed well at one session, then fine. He will eat when he is really hungry and then he latches and nurses REALLY well. As sch.mommy says this is the age when babies become distracted very easily. My LO will latch on, suck for a few moments, then unlatch and look up at me and smile. He thinks it's funny! Just be patient...it'll get better! Hope this helps!

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    My DS did everything you and the other posters have mentioned.

    As long as your little one doesn't seem to be in pain (arching the back, crying when spitting up, etc, - and other symptoms of reflux), then I wouldn't worry too much. Hang in there!
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    The pulling of & crying makes it sound like teething or OALD. My 3 mo DD is going through this right now & she's teething & I have OALD, poor kid!
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    Thanks to everyone for the responses. It was so nice to hear people relating to what I'm going through! The good new is is that my daughter is back to herself on the left side--she nursed for 20 min at her last feeding. The right side is still an issue. She will nurse for a few minutes, then pull off and often cry. I put her back on about 10 times. I should have mentioned that I had mastitis twoce (in the other breast) and I thought my milk supply was low. My doctor put me on Reglan and I noticed the milk coming very fast on the right side. I stopped the Reglan since I thought this was a part of her issus (sometimes she coughs, chokes) on that side. Do you think it's a too fast let down? How do I get it to go away? What's OALD, by the way? Thank you so much!

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    sounds like it could be fast letdown/OALD (over active letdown) causing it then if there's coughing/sputtering- maybe try hand expressing a little on that side first?
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