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Thread: Suggestions on organic milk

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    Exclamation Suggestions on organic milk

    Hello, my LO is 1 yrs old and he is weening himself, which is great because I hear that some mothers have a very hard time weening their babies. I do not want to give him cows milk. Can anyone suggest a great organic milk or an alternative to cows milk?

    Thank you ladies sooo much and I really appreciate it.

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    Organic milk is cows milk. The most common kind of alternative milks that I know of are goats milk, rice milk and soy milk. I guess it depends on what it is that your needing, but they are all very different in taste and nutrients. Is there a specific reason you don't want to use cows milk like and allergy or something? I give my kids(& myself) organic cows milk from our local farm and it's so good.

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    Thanks. I will try the organic cows milk

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    There are many alternatives... I was going to ask the same as above as to why you are opposed to cows milk (while I understand it's not that desireable nor necesary as long as all nutritional needs are met otherwise) but thought maybe you had a specific reason...

    This weaning link might offer some useful advice as well
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