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Thread: how much is enough?

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    My 9 month old is eating table food and drinking formula. In addition, I still pump once a day, giving him 2-4 oz of breastmilk. I am wondering if that amount (2-4 oz per day) is of any benefit? I'm ready to quit but want to do the right thing. Can anyone help me decide what to do??

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    Any amount is of benefit. It even has beneficial antibodies in it. It's nutritionally superior for your son, so even if its only a small amount, it's still worth it if you can continue. Plus, you never know, maybe if you continue, your supply will increase!

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    that any amount is better than nothing. Of course, it's totally your call. Do you think you would rather nurse your LO directly versus pumping and feeding him expressed milk? For me, I much prefer nursing over pumping. If that's the case for you, maybe you could try putting your LO to your breast once a day and see if you would feel better about that. For example, many LOs keep up a morning or evening nursing session for a while before totally weaning.


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    I think weaning is a very personal decsion that nbody can really tell you right from wrong and when you are ready then you are... you can always pump if you want to continue giving you lo breast milk without nursing... my Lo did a gradual wean and eventually we would nurse for like a minute and I was done.. I wanted my body back before I got pregnant again.... Do what you feel is best and make sure it is what you want to do and you won't have any regrets....
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