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Thread: severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

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    Default severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

    ok so i have never had a problem BFing or any pain (except for the first 2 weeks of course haha) but as of about 2 or 3 days ago, every time carter nurses on the right side, it feels like there are razor blades in my nipple. at first i thought he was biting me (he recently got his top 2 teeth), but then i realized that he wasnt biting at all, just eating like normal. so then i thought, maybe he is not on far enough. so i tried shoving more into his mouth, and he, of course, wouldnt have it haha. he does this thing where he pushes against me with his arms, but keeps eating. it kinda pushes him to the end of my nipple (just far enough for him to stay on keep getting milk but far enough for it to hurt really bad!).

    anyway... its only on the right side. and i noticed tonight, when carter and i were taking a bath and he reached over and grabbed my right nipple and pulled it, that it also hurts to the touch. one of the little bumpy things is a little bit red and that is right where it is hurting. what is that?! and why does it hurt so bad?!
    ive thought about trying to pump that side to see if that hurts, and then just giving him the pumped milk until it stops hurting.

    any advice? help my mamas!!
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    Default Re: severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

    sounds maybe like a blister or bleb...
    Is it bleeding?


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    Default Re: severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

    I had a similar experience, and I have a word of caution:
    based on reading and a phone conversation with an LC, we thought I had a bleb so I was advised to try to pop it. Bad idea. In my case it was more like a little crack. We ended up getting it cleared up with a combination of pumping, copious amounts of lanolin, and insisting that he latch right (I would break his latch with my finger when he started the pulling away maneuver, and eventually he got the message) Anyway, don't poke at your nipples unless you actually have a LC/Ob look at them and tell you what to do, because apparently the same symptoms can come from different problems, and I made it worse trying to treat the wrong problem.

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    Default Re: severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

    I was going to also suggest a crack. When ds got his upper teeth they would sometimes rub in just the right way (one time not continuously) and create a mini crack that gave the same pain you are describing. I put lots of lanolin on and tried to avoid anything touching it for a couple days!

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    Default Re: severe pain in right nipple, help me mamas!!

    Ouch! I would also get checked for thrush. It sounds unlikely, but it can give you a VERY painful nipple!

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