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Thread: Breastfeed first, even after age 1?

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    You and I seem to be on the same plan with our DDs, although mine is a little younger. I've started mixing whole cow's milk with her BM during the day (so far it's been about 3 parts BM to 1 part CM). I'm interested to see what you find out.


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    Quote Originally Posted by Maya's Mom
    I'm curious-does anyone know how breast milk and cow's milk compare for fat content? I've always been concerned that my milk isn't fatty enough for my daughter.
    As far as I know, breastmilk actually has more fat than whole cow's milk, especally after 12 mo (breastmilk becomes richer in both fat and callories after 12 mo).

    According to this http://www.kellymom.com/nutrition/vi...dcalories.html , human milk has an average of 1.15 grams of fat per oz while whole cow's milk only has 0.99. I'm assuming the human milk tested is at least primarily from moms of babies under 12 mo, so after 12 mo there'd be even more than 1.15 grams per oz on average.

    to answer the question about offering cow's milk in additon to breastmilk after 12 mo, I do not. Ds is 16 mo and loves to nurse. He also loves to eat cheese and yogurt. I see absolutely no reason to add another milk to his diet.

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