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Thread: Pump Problem?

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    I have suddenly dropped in supply and it does not seem my Medela PIS Advanced is working as well as when I bought it. Has anyone else had this problem, or am I just used to it now? I can still get letdown , but can't pump much out no matter what time of day and I was always able to get 5-8oz now can barely get 1-2oz. I have heard your body can quit being fooled by a pump any advice?

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    Have you replaced the parts that are wearable lately? Like the membranes?
    That can have a big effect. Also did you buy your pump new? If not most single user pumps have a "life" to the motor. You can also contact Medela if you suspect it's a motor problem and it's still under a year old.
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    Call Medela. They are pretty helpful with troubleshooting. I've had to get mine replaced before, they do wear out. They were very helpful and prompt in getting a new one sent out to me.

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