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Thread: ready to wean, but is he?

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    Default ready to wean, but is he?

    Hi. When I found out I was pregnant I set a "goal" to breastfeed until Alasdair was 18 months. Well, he's almost 14 months and I'm ready, very ready, to be done with it. Maybe it's because he still eats ALL night. Maybe it's because the only way to get him to nap is to either a) nurse or b) hike. Maybe, mostly, because I'm somewhat selfish all of the sudden and I'm craving my body back. Also getting tired of wearing shirts that sag because of him tugging + whimpering, then once he gets the nipple in his mouth, he pops off and goes on to playing. I think he just wants to know it's there, available, if he does want it.

    Really, I think I'd be happy to continue bfing and allow him to wean naturally if he would just cut down a tiny bit. He eats solids really well. He will go to sleep with my husband, without the boob, obviously... but when I'm around, he's a freak about it.

    Today, for his nap, I played with him in bed for a while, then he asked for "mee-mee." I offered it to him, and when he was almost asleep I popped it out. He threw a fit. I decided he would be ok and didn't nurse him. Well, needless to say (maybe) he fell asleep about 45 minutes later, after throwing himself all over the bed, onto the floor, back to the bed, yada yada. finally I left the room and then my husband went in with him.

    I'm struggling so much with my decision to wean/not wean, offer when? I'm really trying the "don't offer, don't refuse" method... as well as distracting with solids, but honestly sometimes I feel like I'm at the end of my rope---like I want to just leave for a week and break him that way.

    I'm horrible. That sounds horrible. I could never do it, but that's what I feel like doing, which turns me into such a nasty person throughout the day.

    Any advice? thank you.
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    Default Re: ready to wean, but is he?

    I don't have any advice but wanted to give you a . I hope someone can jump on here and help you out. Hang in there momma!

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    Default Re: ready to wean, but is he?

    Can you limit him or cut him back or night wean w/o totally weaning? Seems like a good compromise.


    book rec: How Weaning Happens



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    Default Re: ready to wean, but is he?

    My suggestion is have dad put LO to sleep every night for a least a week, if possible. Then you can step in, do dad's same routine and see if he will at least night wean. I was where you were, and thought my LO would never cut back, but now we are down to once a day (LO is 16months). Distraction has worked best for me. If she wanted to nurse I would take her outside to play or for a walk. She would completely forget about it. My LO also LOVES blueberries and peas, anything that she can pop right in her mouth. I was SOOOOOO ready to throw in the towel, until she night weaned and then everything was great. Cosleeping is how we night weaned, so enlist dad for a week and see how that goes, this way he will realize that night time isn't booby time. GOOD LUCK!
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