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Thread: pump cleaning frequency

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    I bought additional sets so I wouldn't need to worry about milk contamination and washing/sterilizing at work. I just washed all the sets when I got home.

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    I leave my horns in the fridge, like some other ppl mentioned.
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    Quote Originally Posted by @llli*jtandaj View Post
    For the first several months I religiously took apart & washed all parts with hot soapy water. Then I started putting the pump parts in the refrigerator for a couple of months and then, the last month & a half I just left it in my bag and only washed after the last pump session or took it home and washed it. I figured if bm stays good at room temperature for 8 hours it would be just fine to be in my bag the 3.5 hours between pumps (I only pumped twice, once at 9:30 and at 1:00). I did refrigerate my milk. I didn't feel like my babies milk was compromised by leaving the pumps unwashed between the one session. HTH
    I do it for 3 sessions It's w/in an 8 hour period and I've never had an issue.
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